Acer C720 Chromebook: Limit Yourself the Best Way Possible!


Do you just HATE those people who SPEND MONEY on laptops? Do you want only the very simplest thing that still looks like a real computer, but only does what your phone can do? Then a Chromebook is perfect for you!

Do you do nothing but check you mails, watch 480p videos on Youtube, and play crashy, simple games? Do you want no industry-standard work apps and next to no creative editing software? Then I swear, you better get one of these.

It has USB ports. 16 GB SSD (32 if you want to SPEND MONEY, but who the hell DOES THAT?) and a SD card slot. You’ll need that SD card slot. Unless you absolutely have no files.

I am still seriously confused as to why anybody would buy one of these. But if you do, go ahead.

HOT BUY: Windows XP for Less Than $100!


Finally! Microsoft recently announced that they will no longer update or support Windows XP! This is fantastic news, as they have finally finished and perfected the best software they ever made. No more updates to screw it up while trying to keep up with all this “modern technology”. Microsoft basically said that they’re done. It can be no more perfect than it is. Awesome!

We proudly use Windows XP on our receptionist’s computer. We tried to use XP on our computers, but WordPress and twitter are stuck in the stone age and need like a gazillion gigs of RAM.

Show your support for the greatest software ever made! Buy a copy today and hack your refrigerator to run it! Teach your kids about the good ‘ol days every time they try to get some ice!