Wolfenstein: The New Order REVIEW – People will like it.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Hello, everyone! Here’s our take on Wolfenstein: The New Order. After several hours of thinking about how the game play will be, we’re pretty sure people will like it. I mean, if you’re smart you can just like, go to Youtube and see some of the footage yourself.

There. Take a damn good look. If you like it, buy it. Pre-order it and play it when it comes out. It’s pretty simple. I mean, check it out: you can get it for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If this is the type of game you like, you have NO EXCUSE BUT TO BUY IT, BECAUSE YOU WILL LIKE IT.

Now that we’ve done all the work for you, you better appreciate it. We hope our review helped you make up your mind. That’s what reviews do, don’t they?

Also, that DOOM Beta is something you will most likely like too. Dammit, WHY AREN’T YOU CLICKING?

Skrillex – Recess Review: it’z PHuXin’ hAxCOre 8lradOdodorAAaa8Um8UM8uM


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In conclusion, we think  WUB wUB wub 4lL 0vEr 4 r00d B0y 4HHHh Bee BEE bEe 9LDJ09hD 1Hd10h9uRH9uHD y0yR m0ThERE W00D L0VE t0 0d09d: dubstep l9jD h4 H4 h4 SKR1LLeX 4Ll bEeF p4TTy ph0R rE4L2elJ9dl90:1dJ9*01:J9ld AHHHHHHHHH MY FACE n01&h91UNjnUU 4Nd l:9:0jDu09JN skrillex. dkuH91uH W1T BASS  4 s1De 0f pHr1e2.

It’s fun.

Samsung 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV Review – It’s FREAKING HUGE. Wow.

Samsung 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV
Here at Fun with Amazon, we love Samsung TVs. We recently got the Samsung 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV in our office and let me say… IT’S FREAKING HUGE. I have never had a TV this big personally and I am impressed and in awe at it’s maximus gigantus size.

We could post pictures of our personal TV, talk about our experience with it, and then try really hard to find negative things about it, but that’s not what this site is about. Our review of the Samsung 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV? It’s FREAKING HUGE and FUN. It does what a TV should and MORE. If that’s all you need, then buy it. We recommend it.

That said…. the amazon.com page uses the SAME PICTURES for every size of the TV. I think it’s great that consumers trust both Samsung and amazon to tell them that no matter what size you get, it’s going to look the same. That’s a kind of trust that only newlywed couples can acquire…. if they’re lucky.

So maybe you can get any size of this TV and it be the same? Had we known that, we would have just bought the 32-inch version and just TOLD everybody it was 65. How would you know? Really.

32-inch 40-inch 48-inch 50-inch 55-inch 60-inch 65-inch 75-inch