Hey kids! Today is the start of our new site! We are an search, custom shopping, shopping tip, and amusement site of fun and awesomeness. Anything goes here, from fun things we find, fun things we like, fun things other people did, and fun things in general. We have big plans for this site and it’s future. And when I say we, I mean us… real, actual people. There will be no bots, androids, scripts, or codes running this site. We’re doing all of this by hand. We hope it should give the feel we’re looking to promote (fun).

That said, let’s get to it!

Did you know that you can buy a “GRAND OPENING” flag on amazon? It’s a good thing it’s cheap. How often do you actually USE that? It’s like business baby clothes. I guess a Going Out of Business sign kit is kinda like that….a business coffin? But I guess you can technically re-use both for your next business….and failure.

By the way, this IS an amazon-based site. You should well know that there will be amazon links and ads.

We have many other things to offer coming soon. Until then, be sure to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook! More sites coming soon!