Live Your Dream! Become a Killer Whale Trainer in your Own Home!

Killer Orca Whale Thing

Hey kids! Want to be a KILLER WHALE TRAINER? Sure you do! Now you can experience what it’s like with this 40 inch Orca Whale by Fiesta!

Just set it in the middle of your room, pool, or dungeon, step far away, and yell at it! Watch as it does absolutely nothing you tell it to do, just like real wild killer whales! DON’T TOUCH IT, IT WILL KILL YOU. It adds to the realism! Plus, new laws won’t let you touch it anyway. Wow!

While the size is not to scale, it’s stuffed and dead inside just like real killer whales in captivity! Wow! If you’re lucky, you can get a blurry picture to photoshop it and yourself into a Free Willy poster. WOW! I SAY WOW!

Did you know that Killer Whales are sometimes called Orcas? I wonder why they never call them that in the news? Only Jackie Robinson knows…