Acer C720 Chromebook: Limit Yourself the Best Way Possible!


Do you just HATE those people who SPEND MONEY on laptops? Do you want only the very simplest thing that still looks like a real computer, but only does what your phone can do? Then a Chromebook is perfect for you!

Do you do nothing but check you mails, watch 480p videos on Youtube, and play crashy, simple games? Do you want no industry-standard work apps and next to no creative editing software? Then I swear, you better get one of these.

It has USB ports. 16 GB SSD (32 if you want to SPEND MONEY, but who the hell DOES THAT?) and a SD card slot. You’ll need that SD card slot. Unless you absolutely have no files.

I am still seriously confused as to why anybody would buy one of these. But if you do, go ahead.