How To: Create the Flying Lobster Demons in Your Dreams


So in my dream last night, a horde of Flying Lobster Demons destroyed the world. Let’s make that happen! Here’s how you can do it with our favorite site, amazon!


Lobsters. Lots of them.

Red Bull. Lots of it.

Hot Sauce. Must be at least 100,000 scovilles.

Some kind of mutant radioactive yellow cake.


As for what to do after that, we have no idea. We’re hoping you can figure that out. Have fun destroying the world!

Skrillex – Recess Review: it’z PHuXin’ hAxCOre 8lradOdodorAAaa8Um8UM8uM


So the other day, we were cH1lL1n L1k3 v1LL4NZ 3471n v4N1lL4 pUdD1N’. And 50und2 WeRe neeDed 3 8 4ll LIKe 0m9 h4rdc0RD j0. So we decided to try 5KR1lL3X Recess 833 8Op 84 dOOP Jo Jo JO 17’2 5o h1P 4ND r4d 8Ow WOw wOw Wowo phuN. And we were like 84D008999 Y34h 175 50 h4X0rr1n’ 8L4h 8L4H 8l4h WH477 D4 h3lL h4Pp3ND 2 ur f4c3 M4n.

In conclusion, we think  WUB wUB wub 4lL 0vEr 4 r00d B0y 4HHHh Bee BEE bEe 9LDJ09hD 1Hd10h9uRH9uHD y0yR m0ThERE W00D L0VE t0 0d09d: dubstep l9jD h4 H4 h4 SKR1LLeX 4Ll bEeF p4TTy ph0R rE4L2elJ9dl90:1dJ9*01:J9ld AHHHHHHHHH MY FACE n01&h91UNjnUU 4Nd l:9:0jDu09JN skrillex. dkuH91uH W1T BASS  4 s1De 0f pHr1e2.

It’s fun.

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks – Delicious Deception

Annie's Homegrown Organic Fruit Snacks

So… you may think that Annie’s Homegrown Berry Patch Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks are a wholesome, vegan, tasty snack of fun… Well, it has a slight problem.

It’s made from bunnies. Organic ones at that. Ones that have shrived up in to tiny, colored, goopy pods that somewhat resemble their former bunny glory. We have no idea how Annie’s did this. We’re pretty sure they use the same methods that are used with geese and foie gras to give them whatever flavor they want. It sounds rather terrible. But we don’t care… They’re delicious.

The only REAL problem WE have is how they consider a cherry to be a berry. Does it have berry in the name? IT DOES NOT.

We know a lot about bunnies. We learned it by buying books and never reading them.