Hot Buy: Caterpillar 3516B Offshore Generator Set


Check this out! We were absolutely shocked at this deal. We were shopping for something to power our office during storms. Recently, we’ve had a lot and with Global Climate Change in full swing, we have to be able to watch our Youtube, even in the midst of world destruction.

After our website gains more success, we hope to open up more offices overseas. We will definitely get another one of these when we’re ready! You should too.

We all should. If we want to survive…..

And we MUST survive….

BRO! GAINS, BRO! *Incomprehensable Grunting* – EAS 100% Whey Protein




Get in some REPS, BRO! REPS! Do a LEG DAY! LEG DAY, BRO!





Apparently, We Got a Dualit 2 Slice NewGen Classic Toaster

Dualit 2 Slice NewGen Classic Toaster

I like toast. I like to toast my bread, bagels, and English Muffins. When I asked my coworker to get a toaster for the office, I expected a nice, simple, functional toaster to please my toasting needs.

Apparently, that means spending $240 on a Dualit 2 Slice NewGen Classic Toaster. Apparently, you have to get a color that matches our $12 drying mat. Apparently, this toaster is suppose to somehow toast better than a $27 dollar toaster. APPARENTLY, money is no object to my coworker, who seems to think that something AS SIMPLE AS TOAST has to be complicated and prettified by HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. APPARENTLY, SUCH PURCHASES DON’T HAVE TO BE OK’D WITH ME BEFORE BEING MADE. APPARENTLY,  COMMON SENSE IS NOT USED WHEN BUYING TOASTERS HERE AT FUN WITH AMAZON.

That said… on the bright side, we at least didn’t get the most expensive toaster on amazon. For that, I should be grateful.


Acer C720 Chromebook: Limit Yourself the Best Way Possible!


Do you just HATE those people who SPEND MONEY on laptops? Do you want only the very simplest thing that still looks like a real computer, but only does what your phone can do? Then a Chromebook is perfect for you!

Do you do nothing but check you mails, watch 480p videos on Youtube, and play crashy, simple games? Do you want no industry-standard work apps and next to no creative editing software? Then I swear, you better get one of these.

It has USB ports. 16 GB SSD (32 if you want to SPEND MONEY, but who the hell DOES THAT?) and a SD card slot. You’ll need that SD card slot. Unless you absolutely have no files.

I am still seriously confused as to why anybody would buy one of these. But if you do, go ahead.

Super Specific Rolex No Date Silver Dial Oversized Markers Domed Bezel Unisex Watch 177200S369O


What a weird product. We were searching for something to show how successful our site was, so we could go up in the club and be ballers and stuff. Word. This is one of the cheapest Rolex(es?) on the site. But, I guess for that price you only get cheap discounted versions that are for very specific people and events.

Apparently you can’t date while wearing this watch? Bummer. I guess it’s bad manners. And it can only be washed with silver colored Dial soap. You can’t even tell what color the soap is on amazon! Where am I going to get that? And how does the watch show that somebody is fat? What kind of marks does it use? I guess wearing this watch says “I am fat”? Does it beep when you back up? I’m guessing that Domed Bezel is the name of the guy who designed it? Or maybe it was made for him (her?). Not only that, but it’s unisex. That’s a bit personal. I don’t care if somebody is a hermaphrodite.

If it’s only made for one person, WHY put it on amazon? I guess we’ll wait until we can afford the Rolex Day-Date II President Platinum Watch. Perfect for the second daylight frolic with Barack Obama paid for with our Platinum card.

HOT BUY: Windows XP for Less Than $100!


Finally! Microsoft recently announced that they will no longer update or support Windows XP! This is fantastic news, as they have finally finished and perfected the best software they ever made. No more updates to screw it up while trying to keep up with all this “modern technology”. Microsoft basically said that they’re done. It can be no more perfect than it is. Awesome!

We proudly use Windows XP on our receptionist’s computer. We tried to use XP on our computers, but WordPress and twitter are stuck in the stone age and need like a gazillion gigs of RAM.

Show your support for the greatest software ever made! Buy a copy today and hack your refrigerator to run it! Teach your kids about the good ‘ol days every time they try to get some ice!


Live Your Dream! Become a Killer Whale Trainer in your Own Home!

Killer Orca Whale Thing

Hey kids! Want to be a KILLER WHALE TRAINER? Sure you do! Now you can experience what it’s like with this 40 inch Orca Whale by Fiesta!

Just set it in the middle of your room, pool, or dungeon, step far away, and yell at it! Watch as it does absolutely nothing you tell it to do, just like real wild killer whales! DON’T TOUCH IT, IT WILL KILL YOU. It adds to the realism! Plus, new laws won’t let you touch it anyway. Wow!

While the size is not to scale, it’s stuffed and dead inside just like real killer whales in captivity! Wow! If you’re lucky, you can get a blurry picture to photoshop it and yourself into a Free Willy poster. WOW! I SAY WOW!

Did you know that Killer Whales are sometimes called Orcas? I wonder why they never call them that in the news? Only Jackie Robinson knows…

A Moment of Pause, a Realization of the True Meaning of Life and God


First of all, we’d like to apologize for our outburst in the last post. That is NOT what we here at Fun with Amazon are about. We let our emotions get the best of us, no matter HOW JUSTIFIED…. er… yes. We will try not to let it happen again. Of course it most likely will… we are only human-ish.

So let’s get back to what we’re REALLY about.


And what is more fun than the true meaning of life? Well, we put the number 42 into amazon’s search engine, and here’s what we found:

Apparently, according to amazon… the answer to life is a movie about Jackie Robinson. We’ve taken this as a sign from the amazon heavens. Thusly, we have accepted Jackie Robinson as our new Lord and Savior.

Lord and Savior Jackie Robinson

ALL PRAISE OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JACKIE ROBINSON! May you bless us with love, joy, and RBIs.