A Moment of Pause, a Realization of the True Meaning of Life and God


First of all, we’d like to apologize for our outburst in the last post. That is NOT what we here at Fun with Amazon are about. We let our emotions get the best of us, no matter HOW JUSTIFIED…. er… yes. We will try not to let it happen again. Of course it most likely will… we are only human-ish.

So let’s get back to what we’re REALLY about.


And what is more fun than the true meaning of life? Well, we put the number 42 into amazon’s search engine, and here’s what we found:

Apparently, according to amazon… the answer to life is a movie about Jackie Robinson. We’ve taken this as a sign from the amazon heavens. Thusly, we have accepted Jackie Robinson as our new Lord and Savior.

Lord and Savior Jackie Robinson

ALL PRAISE OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JACKIE ROBINSON! May you bless us with love, joy, and RBIs.